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Document evidence needed to bill customers and fully complete projects.  Manage information overload with historical data and decsion making reports.


Tackle that infernal to-do list and know what's important next. From route delivery to booking appointments, know what is needed today and inspect what was done yesterday.


We built the first online public school in the Northwest, as well as a test delivery system used by Wyoming public schools for CTE Certificates.  A tech firm earning a teacher's respect is a great accomplishment.

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When launching Idaho Virtual High School, there was a world of planning an considerations to get approved by the school board.  We picked a popular learning system and figured it would be the easy part.  Shortly into the first year we found it to be too complicated and kept having to apologize to students for things that did not make sense, so we took a chance at building our own learning system.

As the years have gone by and the industry changes and vendor prices change (yikes!) we have enjoyed the confidence that we can deliver a consistent experience to our families.

Managing a large team of data cabling installers involved quoting out a project and finding out a month later after the paperwork was filed if it stayed on budget.

Our time and expense reporting system was easier for the installers than faxing over forms and was immediately represented in reports available to the whole management team.

As a family run tortilla bakery, we've depended on our mobile route delivery system to track product sales for decades.   But the vendor never updated the app, it only ran on expensive devices, and we paid $90k/year for product support.  I had no idea we could get a custom app made for us within that budget, but we did.  And we no longer worry about how to replace the mobile devices when they break.

As a small hotel owner, a greater percentage of bookings were coming from online travel sites.  What people don't know is those sites earn no revenue from airplane tickets, so they keep up to half of hotel booking payments for themselves.  This reached a tipping point where we could afford the design and maintenance of or own website and reservation system.  We are even able to automate social media postings so I can plan out our Facebook posts before the busy season hits so it automatically keeps us visible while I focus on the daily work I enjoy.

The new member portal for the Public Employees Retierment System of Idaho (PERSI) allowed members to setup their own login and get account information on their own any time of day.

When Idaho implemented the standardized testing required by No Child Left Behind, the tests required a time consuming install and configuration process assuming the same lab would be used for months. But we were prepared to use remote computers labs and conference centers that would not allow the standard installation process.  We did not have the budget of larger online schools which used expensive stacks of laptops and trucked them around the state.  Catalyst invented a way to deliver the windows-based app inside a web page without any client configuration required.  I had trouble getting approval from corporate, their techs said it was impossible.  I really enjoyed a call back to corporate after our first day of testing working out fine.

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Catalyst has a unique ability to bring order out of chaos. I have seen them take input from a committee that was seemingly unrelated, and create a very practical, user-friendly database that meets everyone’s needs. Catalyst attends to the details and is great at communicating.

Catalyst understands the real world, how our business operates within the real world and can speak towards the big picture and not just technology; we actually understand what they’re saying. Overall, Catalyst is an absolute pleasure to work with; over the years they have raised our expectations of what programmers can do.

Catalyst is the kind of company you want on your team! They can really do it all, from helping train new customers, develop applications on time and on budget, to helping sell. They are an asset to any organization lucky enough to choose them!

Catalyst joined our small project midstream and quickly worked their magic writing efficient JavaScript. The code recognized external process failures and provided other alternatives to the customer. It recognized when the customer was using AOL–even though the AOL tech support said it could not be done.

Catalyst delivered web site development work on-time and on-budget and was a pleasure to work with. They know the proper balance between design, functionality, and cost constraints to meet our business objectives.

“OH MY GOSH!!! You have just made my life soooo much easier!! You are a stinking genius! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!